The key to our success:
People, machines, materials 

Our very high quality standard is guaranteed through the use of state-of-the-art machinery and of top quality domestically processed materials utilized by highly trained and constantly updated personnel. All of our orders are executed exclusively by our expert personnel. We personally see to design, production and assembly.  Our continuous internal monitoring and our quality management allows us to guarantee constant and elevated quality levels to all our clients.

State-of-the-art machinery and production processes, special products

At the work sites on our clients’ premises, our personnel exclusively works with state-of-the-art machinery and top quality materials. In the hands of our specifically trained experts, the Krumme concrete milling machine becomes the most efficient instrument for prepping the scraper track extremely quickly, accurately and with long-lasting results.

We have all of the products necessary for our applications and for our interventions designed and made specifically in function of our precise requirements. An example of this is our FSK 40, a concrete protection system, consisting of a special high pressure-resistant mortar we use to renovate scraper tracks in water treatment plants when restoring statically important structures.


Advanced production methods, such as laser cutting and computer-guided folding, ensure extremely high levels of precision, repeatability and an unbeatable quality-price ratio. Krumme clients know they can expect quality and punctuality. We will exceed your expectations.

Qualified, trained and motivated personnel: our work supervisors and foremen

Thomas Rabel
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Nico Siegfried
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Klaus Senning
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Timo Schäfer
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Our patents: pioneering spirit and innovative drive towards success

Friedrich Krumme had already reached this conclusion 35 years ago:
Only a wear-free metal surface can offer safe and reliable scraper track performance. Even once we had obtained the patent for our tank crest covers, we have continued optimizing the construction and installation of our protection system.