Our origins

More than 35 years ago, the German company Friedrich Krumme GmbH started developing special solutions for wastewater treatment plants. Today, the company boasts over 3,000 tanks fitted throughout Germany and across Europe.

Please notice that all of the persons shown in the picture still work for Krumme GmbH – Experience at your service!

Krumme today: we work for you throughout Europe!

Krumme stands for quality and durability.
For over 35 years, the sophisticated technology and very high expertise of our employees have been fully satisfying our customers, well beyond the warranty period!

In Milan, for example, over a million people rely on the safe functioning of one of that large city’s main treatment plants. There, after the complete renovation of the concrete works, the more than 2,000 m of scraper tracks have been expertly fitted with the cutting-edge Krumme system.

If our products and services today are capable of imposing standards of quality in water treatment plant technology, we owe it to the excellent training and continuing education of all of our employees.

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