More than 35 years of fully satisfied customers

Krumme has always had a pioneering spirit and, thanks to its innovations and its perseverance, is always setting higher standards. We work for you throughout Europe and in us you will find a point of single contact. We provide the typical Krumme quality that is based on practical experience and on reliability. Sustainability for us is a fundamental aspect. In our focus there is always the desire to offer our clients durable solutions. Owing to our technical innovations and to the professional and well-studied optimization of the structures, we can increase the life span of the structure well beyond the warranty period.
Through our way of conceiving quality, we contribute to saving resources and to protecting the environment.

Our promise of quality Tailored solutions for maximum sustainability

Each project places new challenges that we will be happy to take up and win for you. Our experience, our skills and our know-how drive us in presenting to our clientele solutions that are always durable and safe, resulting in very good value for the money. We have been successfully serving our clients and the environment for more than 35 years, and we are looking forward to new projects and future challenges with optimism and motivation.

System solutions for wastewater treatment tanks

Over 35 years of experience & fully satisfied customers

Our solutions for your success.

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Scraper tracks

Durability & Safety

Our focus is on sustainability.

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No-freeze systems for scraper tracks

No plant downtime, even in winter, without additional energy costs.

We respect the climate.

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Concrete analysis

Care for detail & precision through targeted actions

We develop solutions for mankind and for the environment.

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Concrete renovation

Proven and certified know-how

We use proven and reliable techniques

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Gutter covers

Maximum safety & efficiency during plant operation

We build systems that help save man-hours and materials

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Set-up and renovation without stopping the plant operation

Allocation of tasks & specific skills: perfect synergy

We work efficiently so as not to waste resources

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Other services & special constructions

Top quality materials & flexible solutions for maximum safty

We place our clients at the centre of our work.

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